The breton culture is coming to the UBO!

SETU! An trid sevenadurel
e skol-veur Breizh Izel

Who are we?

SETU! An trid sevenadurel e skol-veur Breizh Izel is a new association promoting breton culture in the Western Brittany University of Brest!

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Gouren is back in UBO!

12h of September 2016

Good news! This traditional sport had disappeared from the campus and SETU insisted to bring it back in UBO! Join the SUAPS and practice Gouren every Wednesday from 7:30 to 9pm!

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A Fest-Noz in October!

16th of June 2016

After the great succes for the Fest-Noz an UBO in January 2016, SETU will organize a second Fest-Noz on the 21th of October in Brest!

SETU runs in the Redadeg!

4th of May 2016

SETU ran the 1077th kilometer of the Redadeg on the 4th of May in Plouguerneau. Sun and cheerful were there to promote the Breton language!

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St. Patrick comes to UBO!

24th of March 2016

SETU organised several events in March for the St. Patrick : Irish music and dance sessions, cine debate, conferences, and other activites on the campus...



Fest-Noz #SETU
Fest-Noz #SETU